Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Sneak Peak of our Angels' Construction Themed Birthday Party:The Invitation

As you all know this month is full of reasons to celebrate, and one of those reasons is our little Angel's 4th Birthday. Although I guess he isn't so "little" anymore!!!!

So for his party I decided to throw him a Construction Themed Birthday Party and we are inviting the boys from his class as well as some friends that are not in his class. So for this post I want to share the invitations I made for the party. Note: because we are inviting the boys from his class as well as other friends from outside of his class I landed up making an English and Hebrew version of the invitation.

Here is the English version:

 And the dump truck part opens up to reveal the party information:

 And here is the Hebrew version:

 Here are all the invitations I made, all ready to be handed out:

I really love how they turned out. I thought it was quite cute to add a picture of the birthday boy to the truck, to make it look like he was the driver of the truck. And I also love the "sand" in the truck. I will be posting more about the party once its been.

Stay Tuned!!!!

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