Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yom Ha'atzmaut 2012

Today we celebrated Israel's 64th Birthday (Israel's Independence Day). Yom Ha'atzmaut is such a wonderful day and it makes me so proud to be living in such a wonderful, beautiful country.
For weeks before the day the whole of Israel starts to get in the spirit of things. There are Israeli flags hanging everywhere and everyone feels a great pride for this country.
I must admit this year I went pretty crazy with all the Israeli flag decor. 
 We also hang up a beautiful handmade flag (which my husband has had for 11 years) on our roof. And we even decorated our car:
My family and I had a great time celebrating. Last night we went to the celebrations that our city had. It was a really good celebrating and we thoroughly enjoyed watching the fireworks.
Today we went with some friends to a tank museum and then we had a braai (barbeque) at home.
I think I might have gone a bit crazy again with all the blue and white (and Israeli flag) decor.
I also made my cupcakes blue and white:
And I had blue and white marshmallows:

Happy 64th Birthday Israel!!! Am Yisrael Chai!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Latest Birthday Card

I made this very simple but pretty birthday card for my friend.
It was a very easy card to make. I just wrapped an empty flattened toilet roll with a pretty silver paper and made a matching tag to fit inside. I then did a simple pattern on both the tag and cover.
I also found a pretty wrapping paper to match the card.
I was very happy with how it turned out.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pesach 2012:The Seder and lunch

Today I want to blog about the wonderful seder we were lucky to be apart of and the way I decorated our home for Pesach.

The Seder:  

We had our seder at very good friends of ours and it was an amazing evening. The seder was great, the food was spectacular, and the people we were with are amazing. So my friends took care of the seder and the food and I did a couple of small things for the children who were at the seder.  Take a look at the cute seder plate and kiddush cup I found for the children:

I also made a bucket of plagues for the seder (I will blog about it soon).

My Pesach Decor:

I thought it would be very cute if my guests could "walk through the splitting of the red sea". I tried my best to get pictures of it but they aren't great, but take a look anyway:
 See? "Footprints" in the sand!!!
I also made these cute food tags and sweet wall decor:
I just love the matzah paper I used-cute right??
I also had some fun with my table settings. I made a name tag for each person at the table.
And here is the final table setting:

It was a great chag and looking forward to a good week!!!