Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yom Ha'atzmaut 2012

Today we celebrated Israel's 64th Birthday (Israel's Independence Day). Yom Ha'atzmaut is such a wonderful day and it makes me so proud to be living in such a wonderful, beautiful country.
For weeks before the day the whole of Israel starts to get in the spirit of things. There are Israeli flags hanging everywhere and everyone feels a great pride for this country.
I must admit this year I went pretty crazy with all the Israeli flag decor. 
 We also hang up a beautiful handmade flag (which my husband has had for 11 years) on our roof. And we even decorated our car:
My family and I had a great time celebrating. Last night we went to the celebrations that our city had. It was a really good celebrating and we thoroughly enjoyed watching the fireworks.
Today we went with some friends to a tank museum and then we had a braai (barbeque) at home.
I think I might have gone a bit crazy again with all the blue and white (and Israeli flag) decor.
I also made my cupcakes blue and white:
And I had blue and white marshmallows:

Happy 64th Birthday Israel!!! Am Yisrael Chai!!!

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