Monday, December 26, 2011

Construction Themed Birthday Party

Well we finally had the Construction Themed Birthday Party.

Now before I show you all the pictures (and believe me there are a lot of pictures) I want to tell you that I went a little crazy for this party. I think I wanted this party to be perfect because the last party I threw for my eldest son wasn't my best work as I was quite unwell at the time. So with this party I really went all out with the details.

It all started with the food table. I wanted everything I served to fall into the theme. Take a look at how I put it together:
And I thought it would be a cute idea to have all the cutlery and crockery in a toolbox as if it was equipment and supplies:
I also did a box for the presents to be put into. The box was the "dump" area.
And in my craziness for the party I even "dressed up" the bathroom for the occasion:
Then there were the activities I prepped for the kids to do. There was a corner of building blocks and a sandpit, which was meant to be outside but it was raining so bless my amazing husband for putting it in our kitchen. Brave I know but it really wasn't bad at all. These 2 activities were set up to keep the kids busy until the main activities.
Then for the main activities I had colouring pages and cupcake decorating.

For the main food I served wheel shaped mac and cheese.
And then there was the cake, I am crazy about how the cake turned out. I even had a saw shaped knife to cut the cake. Like I said: "every little detail"!!!!
Isnt this picture with the lights off really cute? A friend of mine said it looks like a construction site at night.
Did you notice all the little signs I had around the party??? Well I think they were one of my favourite things at the party. Here are some more that I had around the place:
Lastly I had a "clock out" section for the end of the party where the kids got the party favours before they left.

So I know that this post was very, very, very full of pictures but I just really wanted to share all the details.
Hope you enjoyed taking a look because I sure enjoyed putting it all together.

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