Sunday, December 11, 2011

Scrappy Sunday (sort of): The Date Box

Today I want to share the gift I made for my husband for our Anniversary. The gift is a Date Box which is a promise of 12 dates (one date a month for a year) until our next Anniversary. The box is a wooden box which I decorated with some pretty scrapbooking paper.

Why a wooden box you ask??  Because the traditional anniversary gift for 5 years is wood and I had to bring that into the gift somehow.

Here are some pictures of the gift:

 (sorry about the light in the middle of this pic)
And here is the inside of the box:

As you can see there are 12 compartments (each compartment represents a month in the upcoming year) and in each one there is a clue as to what the date will be. (I mean you didn't really think I would let my husband know what each date was up front, did you??). Where's the excitement in that??).

Then on the lid of the box I stuck an envelope and inside the envelope was a little note explaining what the date box was.

I have also made 12 other envelopes containing notes which I will give to my husband at the beginning of each month and that way he will have more clues as to what that months date will be.

Hope you enjoyed my post today, I sure enjoyed sharing it with you.

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