Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Five Senses Anniversary Date

I decided that since it is my husband and my 5th year Anniversary this year I would do a "five senses date" for our anniversary date night. So the actual date was just a quite night in with a movie and supper. But what I did was incorporate each of the senses. (By the way my husband knew we were having a date but didn't know what the actual plan was).

So when my husband went to fetch the food, I placed a card that I made on the brownies (for brownie recipe see the post from 10 November 2011) packet and when he came home I asked him to bring the brownies along with the rest of the food. And the card was his first hint as to what the date was about.

Then when he walked into the room I had one of the songs from our wedding video playing and I handed him a second card which had the word SOUND and a cute little sentence written on it.Then as we went through each one of the senses I handed him a card with the matching sense and a cute little sentence written on it.

Here is how I incorporated each sense:

Sight: Was the movie, which by the way was not a good choice!!! My husband was bored within minutes so we landed up watching Car 2 instead. Which I really didn't mind, and it was still used with SIGHT so it didn't really matter.
Smell: So for this one I really wasn't sure what to do. I mean the plan was to burn some incense or a nice smelling candle but when it came down to it I was worried that the smell would ruin the taste of supper. So instead I just gave my husband the sweet little card and the incense still in its box. I think that worked out best.
Sound: Was the song and then another one of our songs after the movie.
Taste: This one was really easy. We got takeaways and I made my brownies for dessert, and then just for a little bit extra I bought some sweets and spicy crisps.
Touch: This one was a cute one. For TOUCH we just held hands and cuddled while watching the movie. Sweet right?

It was a sweet little date and I had fun planning it.

Stay tuned to see the gift I gave him!!!

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