Monday, October 31, 2011

Celebrating 1 year in Service.

So as you know our little man turned one a couple of weeks ago. I originally had another theme in mind for his party but my husband vetoed it and so I decided on an airplane themed birthday party. I worked on this party for weeks but I am glad to say that I think it turned out okay.
My first step was the invitation
We didn't actually send out invitations but we did message everyone through Facebook and we posted a picture of the invite. I guess you could say everyone received an "e-ticket"!!! My best was when I saw a cousin of mine had even printed out her "e-ticket".

When people first arrived they were all pointed in the right direction with these signs I made:
I then had a "drop off zone" for all the presents. All I did was take an empty suitcase, which I put on the floor with a sign above. It was pretty cute.
There was also a food court for all the travelers to eat at. The food was also based on the theme.
Since it was a party for a 1 year old we just put out a whole bunch of toys and the little ones were kept busy for ages. For the older children who were at the party I baked airplane and cloud shaped biscuits which they then had fun decorating and eating. 

When it came time for the party to end each child was taken to baggage claim where they were able to collect these cute suitcases I made as party favours.
Oh and did you notice all the little airplanes I had placed around the party, well I even added a little something to them to go with the party. Take a look:
I really had a great time putting this party together and we all really enjoyed celebrating with our little man. I am already thinking of the next party I want to do (which is only a month and a bit away).
Hope you enjoyed taking a look at our Airplane Themed Birthday Party.

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