Friday, November 4, 2011

Zero calories yumminess!!!!!!!!!

So with all the blogging I have done about birthdays and parties I decided it was time to show you some other birthday treats I have made before.   I love being able to take something simple and turn it into something totally different and unexpected.
Take a look at this beautiful Cheesecake slice I made (I promise it is totally fat free)
Would you like to see the back? Wait for the surprise!!!!!!
Can you see? It is a beautiful box!!!

I also made a beautiful matching card to go with the box, which I then gave to a good friend for her birthday.
Here is another one I made:
This one I made for my dad. I made it to look like his favourite cake (chocolate fudge cake). The reason I made the "cake" as a box and not as the real edible thing is because we do not live in the same country, and I felt it would be quite mean if I did make the real cake and he couldn't have any. So here it is the "other" kind of cake.
 And of course I also made a matching card.....
Hope you enjoyed taking a look.

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