Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our little man turned 1!!!!

A couple of weeks ago our little man  turned one. We were all very excited to celebrate with him. It was an amazing day. The day started off with him having some playtime (quality time) with his older brother (our angel) and opening up the present he got from him. They then spent time "together" playing with the new toy.  Then once our angel went off to school. Myself and the little man went off for a great playdate with some of his friends (of course I had some of my friends there too, to keep me company). We all had such a great time at a soft play place that they have just opened up in our area.

The little man was so tired after his awesome playdate that he passed out for a good afternoon nap. So hubby and I had lunch together (in honour of the birthday boy of course).

Of course I had to do a couple of crafty things for him for his special day.
I also baked some cupcakes for him and while we skyped with my parents he had a chance to try his 1st ever  cupcake .
It was really a great day :)

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