Thursday, January 26, 2012

Peter Pan Themed 30th Birthday Party

I really wanted to do something totally different for my 30th Birthday Party and it took me months to settle on a theme. I tried at least five themes before settling on this one: Peter Pan finding Neverland!!!!

The reason I decided on this is because I wanted something fun and exciting that would remind us of our childhoods. It was really a fun party to put together and I think all the quests had a great time.

Here is what I did:

On the front door I had this note so the guests would know what they were stepping into.

And here is how I decorated my tables:
And I decided to have all sorts of sweets from my childhood (which was a little bit difficult to do since I now live in a different country to the one I grew up in, but I did my best)
And as you can see I had quotes from Peter Pan as well as framed shadows all around.
And what would one of my parties be if I didn't have some of my famous biscuits and other baked goods??
So there were also some very yummy (and I mean very yummy) things made for me by some very good friends.
There was a very yummy milktart, which is a very South African dessert which is defiantly a childhood favourite of mine. There was also these very yummy and delicious mini pavlovas.

Now take a look at my drinks table:

And I also had a fun "photo booth" corner:
I had an amazing 30th Birthday Party and I really felt like a child still. I am really looking forward to being "a child" in my thirties.

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